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A mighty battle ensues between our super advanced high-tech forces and the alien ship. When do we reach the limits of technological growth and stop behaving like a cancer consuming its host?

Climate disruption and biodiversity breakdown are both symptoms of a sick planet. Maybe advanced tech is an aberration rather than the norm, stemming perhaps from the Christian doctrine of dominion over nature?

Disney confirms fate of Alien, Kingsman and Planet of the Apes franchises after Fox merger

Maybe successful extraterrestrial civilizations decided that harnessing energy as a substitute for labour was stupid economics? In his book Small is Beautiful, E. This suggests an enlightened society would probably avoid high-tech like the plague. There could be other reasons. Perhaps women, or the feminine equivalent in enlightened extraterrestrial societies, have played a more prominent role in developing cultures.

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Women, in my experience, are generally less inclined towards creating the explosions that are a basic function of technocratic development. Finally there is the crucial question of power.

Throughout human history there has probably never been a meeting of cultures that did not involve the issue of who wielded the most powerful weapons. Nor has a more powerful entity ever likely to have ceded power to a technologically weaker opponent. An enlightened culture would probably recognize this, realizing that intergalactic battles would ultimately have the same outcome as the fight to conquer nature.

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In the end, the battle is unwinnable. I know supporters of the status quo argue that a key definition of life is the ability to colonize unfamiliar environments, and that hence the stars are our ultimate destiny. Even a cursory knowledge of traditional cultures and religions suggests there are many other definitions of the driving forces of humanity. Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucianism, Catholicism now the Pope has neutered the concept of Dominion all suggest that enlightenment lies within rather than in the stars.

They are tools that offer no moral compass. The real paradox is that scientific tools have measured the effects of technology on the planet, and it has come up severely wanting. There will always be passionate advocates for high tech, space travel and colonization, just as there are passionate advocates for yoga or sitting in a cave meditating. If extraterrestrials were to suddenly appear on earth I would be as consumed with interest and fear as anyone else.

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From our own experience here on earth, colonization has generally been a disaster for the colonized, and historically only a fairly temporary arrangement for the colonizers. Alien is currently in limbo, with the last movie Alien: Covenant released two years ago.

There is a script for a potential sequel , though whether or not that sees the light of day or if the franchise will have a whole revamp is now in Disney's hands. Kingsman , on the other hand, is pretty busy at the moment, with director Matthew Vaughn already working on a prequel called The Great Game alongside a third movie. Where the Planet of the Apes franchise goes next remains uncertain following the last movie War for the Planet of the Apes in , but we imagine Disney has a few ideas up its sleeve.

Meanwhile, earlier this week, Disney confirmed that Deadpool will continue following the merger.

Ridley Scott reveals the original ending for Alien that almost got him fired from the movie.

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