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Each of the locations discussed in the book is its own chapter, which allows the authors to elaborate on the history of each site and its ties to a possible Book of Mormon past. Jarrod M. Hiatt lives in Davis County, Utah, with his wife and three children. Jarrod graduated from Weber State University with a degree in journalism.

He loves sports and loves to talk sports with anyone at anytime. Email: j arrodhiatt gmail. Start your day with the top stories you missed while you were sleeping. By choosing I Accept , you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. Print Subscriptions. Deseret News homepage. Filed under: Faith. Reddit Pocket Email Linkedin. She planned for marriage on Monday. Much more could be said about this which would require too much space here.

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Population geneticists recognize that DNA does disappear. The study was conducted in Iceland because it is a closed society. The study found that the majority of Icelandic ancestors — from just years ago — did not contribute mtDNA or Ycs to their actual descendants. Conversely, a small minority of Icelandic ancestors from the same years ago contributed the bulk of DNA markers to their now-living descendants.

According to DNA tests, more than 86 percent of Icelandic males descended from just 26 percent of potential male ancestors in their family tree who were born between and and also lived in Iceland. Among the female population, nearly 92 percent descended from only 22 percent of potential female ancestors in their family tree who were born between the same years. This means that the DNA from the majority of known ancestors disappeared in just years. Most of the Icelandic people living today who have genealogical records of their ancestors years ago could not match up their DNA to most of those ancestors.

Our parents each have one complete set of DNA. But we only inherit half of the DNA from each parent. In the step from your parents to you, half of the DNA is lost. It is not passed on to you. Your body can only hold one set of DNA and, therefore, is incapable of preserving two full sets. You only preserve one quarter of the DNA that your four grandparents had.

If we go back 10 generations, you have 1, ancestors who are possible contributors to your genetic makeup. But do they all contribute to your DNA. Of these 1, potential ancestors, are females. Only one of them has contributed your mtDNA. That means that the DNA of of your female ancestors over the last 10 generations is not passed down to you. It turns out that the longer we go, the more evidence is discovered which confirms parts of the Book of Mormon and other LDS doctrines and practices.

There is a growing body of evidence from New World archaeology that supports the Book of Mormon. In , only eight or Thus, in the mid-nineteenth century, archaeology did not generally support the claims made by the Book of Mormon. Therefore, as things stand at the moment, current New World archaeological evidence tends to verify the claims made by the Book of Mormon. Co-presenters, Wade Ardern and Matthew Roper. Since these details were not known by science or scholars in when the Book of Mormon was published, how did that book get so many things right? Because it is true. Having spent several hours on top of Danta and other such Maya sacred buildings it is not hard to see them as Axis Mundi.

The speculative idea that the murals of San Bartolo could be a form of a temple text is fascinating to me. Excellent article, thanks.

Great article. It would be interesting to examine more how the realm of the dead played into the Mesoamerican axis muni as that is particularly important in LDS understanding. Why did they sacrifice humans? What kind of priesthood structure did they have? What kind of political structure?

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There is only so much that can be inferred from a few murals and artifacts are also of limited value to determine these things. Were these all distinct gods or different manifestations of an overarching power? Did they view their gods as different than their neighbors gods?

Did any of them have a view of God as bigger than their own community? The Interpreter Foundation. Alma's LDS Tours in Cancun is your 1 choice if you are looking to learn about the history of the Mesoamerican cultures. Our crew of licensed and experienced tour guides with vast knowledge of the Mesoamerican history, supported by strong research of The Book of Mormon of LDS scholars, allows us to help you immerse in the scriptures and bring it's stories to life.

You will be surprised of all the information and connections we share with you and how it will strengthen your testimony. Like these and many more topics, we will help any person of any age understand the powerful and uplifting history of Mexico with inspiring insights of the book of Mormon.

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Uplifting guided tours. Contact us. Similarly, some critics of the Book of Mormon have found the ages and lengths of reign attributed to the Jaredite rulers incredible.

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The Book of Mormon, then, joins the Mayan inscriptions in giving information on which science and history have not yet reached a verdict. The important thing is that the Jaredite account is made more believable because it is similar to other ancient writings. When we delve into the data on a host of other topics, we discover point after point at which the Book of Mormon increasingly agrees with what is now known by the experts on Mesoamerica, not only in the broad picture but even, occasionally, in neat little details.

Still, the fact that large numbers of such correspondences exist ought to register in the minds of truth-loving people. Up-to-date, informed people ought not to make such out-dated statements. Nor should archaeologists unprepared in the appropriate materials editorialize off the tops of their heads about the historicity of the Book of Mormon. The demonstrated congruence of Book of Mormon patterns with a vast amount of data on Mesoamerica, even without considering its agreement with Old World patterns, really ought to silence would-be commentators until they have carefully investigated what is now a complex body of information.

And those who do investigate and discuss the subject should only do so when they follow sound methodology. Carefully compared with the facts from external sources, the Book of Mormon is impressive, in my view, though most of the task still remains to be done. Yet the book itself stands above and independent of whatever academic studies of it may show. Neither critics nor apologists change history; they can only provide commentary on a reality more profoundly influential than anything they may say about it. That the Mesoamerican experts in the first third of this century should have been poorly informed and seriously mistaken about civilization in the area need not surprise us.

They did the best they could with the information available to them, but it was limited. Today, too, the best informed scholars are bound to be mistaken, in the long run, on important topics about ancient America. The best defense against this disability is an open mind. Nonetheless, the hypotheses were presented as theories and defended fiercely, to the detriment of … scientific knowledge of the inhabitants of prehispanic Mesoamerica.

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