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And now, Beatrice still manages to have what everyone wants, even as grown adults. Beatrice has a style all her own that many people envy. She moves into Vista Heights, and takes the neighborhood by storm with most everything she does! I LOVE this character! Not only do Marissa and Beatrice become really close friends, but they become very true and dear friends. ALL of the characters who befriend Beatrice Munson have their lives' change for the better, as Beatrice teaches them how, through life enriching occurrences, to the every day grind, how to have real meaning in the mundane.

Beatrice puts a new spin on life for these women. She teaches them to go after their dreams and reach them! Not just dream them, but to really reach them, create them, LIVE them, and they do. This book is a truly a charm of a read! I could not stop turning the pages of this book! One of my favorite lines in this book is this: "We have all been living in a state of perpetuity and Beatrice's paradigm of freedom just shone a spotlight on it. Aug 11, Amy rated it it was amazing.

What would you do if your arch nemesis from high school suddenly moves across the street from you? And you happen to be still holding a grudge after all those years?

Beatrice Munson

Meet Marissa Lyons, a stay at home mom, and divorce, living a pretty boring and routine life. She observes the women very much like the Stepford Wives and homes of Vista Heights, all dressing and looking the same, blah and dull.

Marissa happens to see a woman moving into the house across the street from her, and guess who it is? B What would you do if your arch nemesis from high school suddenly moves across the street from you? Beatrice Munson, her high school rival. She has hated her all these years because she stole away her first crush. Marissa swallows her pride and walks across the street with cupcakes to welcome her into the neighborhood. It turns out Beatrice is a totally different person.

Friendships are formed, romances marriages are strengthened, and we see a few romances blossom. Beatrice can be compared to a modern day Maria from the Sound of Music. Lorena has an incredible way with her use of adjectives and imagery. When she describes the smells of food one of the characters opens a bakery , my mouth starts to water. At times though, there was a bit too much description. I wish there was a little more plot to balance it out. I absolutely devoured this book. Lorena teaches us the power and importance of friendship.

I laughed, cried and found myself wanting my own Beatrice. Beatrice teaches us that we have to keep our dreams at the forefront of our minds, and not let them sit on a high shelf in our closet collecting dust. The following quote by Louisa May Alcott sums it up perfectly: We all have our own life to pursue, our own kind of dreams to weave. And we all have some power to make wishes come true, as long as we keep believing. I think I just described pretty much everyone.

Beatrice Munson

Shelves: arc-review-copy , ebook. Beatrice Munson is one of them. I loved the character of Beatrice… I really connected with her free-spiritedness and her affinity with all things spiritual. I wanted to know how she became the worldly-wise woman that she seems to be. I really liked the dynamics between the group of friends in the book. I found the relationships between the various women to be easy to relate to and it was quite entertaining when I realised that I could see these characteristics in my own friends.

Some parts were like good observational comedy and there were a few points that had me giggling to myself. The plot was well constructed, the narrative flowed and the pages turned themselves. I would say that there was a little too much description in places, but overall I think it was a well-written book. This was a fun read and I would love to read more work from Lorena Bathey.

View all 4 comments. May 27, Kaitlin rated it really liked it. Finish Time: A few nights. This must be a record. This was an impulse download. I had just made it up to Ohio and needed a light read. This was light, yet so much more. This is the kind of book I troll the free titles under Kindle Best Sellers for. All the houses are the same color, everyone is a slave to routine, no one ventures out because of fear, unknowns, or maybe just the comfort. But everyone is bored just waiting to be shook up. Enter Beatrice Munson.

She has traveled all over the world, has crazy stories to tell, but also has an amazingly big heart. The optimist inside me hopes so. The main character is Marissa. Stuck in what I described above until Beatrice moves in from across the street. A girl who invoked strong emotion in her in high school, one she will soon learn was far from what she believed to be true. Already feeling the energy, she walks across the street and introduces herself. The following night is neighborhood Bunco, with a little apprehension, Marissa introduces Beatrice to the ladies of the neighborhood.

It goes better than expected and changes start happening.

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Not without struggle for some, but a feel good story that did not disappoint, in fact really surprised me! I love when that happens. If you need a pick-me-up or just a fun read, check this one out! Feb 03, Christy rated it really liked it. If there ever was a character made to uplift, enlighten, and make us all as women to be better people, Beatrice is the one! She is the neighbor we all wish to have and be at times.

This story is told from Marissa's point of view. Then Beatrice moves into town.

Beatrice is not so much a character in this story, but the force, the essence, the tsunami that empowers the women of this down-trodden town to take charge and change the If there ever was a character made to uplift, enlighten, and make us all as women to be better people, Beatrice is the one!

Beatrice is not so much a character in this story, but the force, the essence, the tsunami that empowers the women of this down-trodden town to take charge and change their stars. She is not colorful, so much as she IS color. She helps the women wake up to who they really are.

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This, in turn, strengthens weak relationships, emboldens change, and brings them all back to LIFE!! I enjoyed the telling of this story. The characters were believable and you wanted them to succeed. My only issue was the dialogue at times.

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At times the author used contractions, and at times their conversations were full of proper english with no contractions. Personally, I use contractions on a regular basis and find too much non-contracted word usage feels stiff and stilted. That's not really a killing point for the story, just something that I noticed. Also, I'm an English teacher, so I tend to see editing mistakes more readily than others at times. The story wasn't rift with them, but they were there.

They didn't take away from the telling, but I did notice them.

Irene Beatrice Munson

All in all, I enjoyed the story. There are a lot of beatiful scenes described in detail. I tend to skim those most times, but I may go back and read the book again, just to relish in the images that are conjured in my mind's eye. I think this book makes you want to get off of your arse and just DO something, anything wonderful with your life. It makes you want to live a life so rich, you are saturated with the opulence of it until the day you leave this Earth. Read it for what it is; an exuberant journey of self-discovery, love, and life. Oct 12, Lisa Bookworm Lisa rated it really liked it Shelves: received-to-review , adult , This book is so beautifully written.

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I was caught up in the story and entranced by the people in this book. Picture an average neighborhood in the suburbs. Mothers get caught up in the lives of their children, husbands, and homes and put all of their dreams on hold. Life becomes commonplace until an amazing woman moves in across the street and shakes everythin up.

That is the basis behind this story.