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It gives a list, which has attributes, an example of one of these is: "The power of abundance: Citrine. It has excellent photography with one page per crystal. It has a photo on one side, with the attributes of the specific crystal opposite it. Under each photo is information telling you where to place it for healing, or how to utilize it. Because the book is bigger in size than her normal crystal books, she fits more on the page.

It also has a smaller text size so it is possible she is able to cover more per page.

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It's a tall skinny book, so the downside is that you won't fit this one in your bag as easily as her Crystal Bibles. All in all another excellent book from Judy Hall. There are a large number of authors of crystal books, as the subject is now so popular. I suggest that you read the reviews of the books written below.

‘The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance’ gives the Skeksis more individual personalities

Then use your intuition to choose the one that you feel will most benefit you personally. The important thing is to get enjoyment out of using your crystals, and from reading about the attributes of various stones. This is truly a wonderful in-depth book! The Encyclopedia of Crystals, Love Is In The Earth, written by Melody is an enormous book that covers a large number of crystals and certainly more than the average crystal books.

This is the mother of all crystal books, with lots of good photos. It provides in-depth analysis of the healing attributes and metaphysical properties of many crystals. If the only book you owned was this one, you would be well satisfied. It has pages of reference material on crystals plus an excellent index in the back that makes it easy to find what you are looking for.

Its number one drawback is its size as it is a very big book, too big to carry with you as it is very heavy, and sadly the price of the book has recently increased to a level that it is now less affordable for the average person. Its second drawback is that the way that the author writes about the stones is not always clear on first read.

She takes a more scientific approach to her writing and the use of some words that are uncommon does make understanding a little difficult. This is the sort of book encyclopedia that you would keep at home and use as a reference. This is not the same book as above , and some people buy it thinking it is the big encyclopedia above, but it is not, and does not have the illustrations that the big encyclopedia has. It has been around for years, as Melody wrote a series of books, and these are all normal sized, except maybe a little fatter. You have to buy the companion guide to get the photos of the crystals.

The big encyclopedia as I call it, is certainly not a book to take with you when you go shopping for your favorite stones! But great to have to use when you get home to find out more about that crystal that you were unable to resist buying! This is possibly in response to the large number of smaller crystal books by other authors that have been published.

While it is very small, smaller than any of the other books, and does fit in your bag easily, this is the only good thing about it.

Crystal Books, Reviews Of The Best Books About Crystals

It has very limited information on each crystal, really only a series of words and a picture. I bought it because I was impressed by her large encyclopedia, but I would not recommend this tiny book, as I was very disappointed in it. I only note this so you are aware that this is a different book to the large volume that is so impressive. She is quite well known in crystal circles and her work was felt to be ground breaking back when she started writing about crystal properties. This is her latest book and relates primarily to working with some of the less well-known chakras and specifically to using particular colored crystals to aid these chakras.

She is also the author of three other books, which you can see in the amazon search box below.

They do have some interesting information on a number of crystals, but are not as in-depth as many other books. She has a different approach to her writing and also runs a school called the Crystal Academy, where she teaches about using crystals. Crystal Power is written by Michael Gienger.

This book gives lots of information that is not in many other crystal books. It covers quite a lot of background on the origin of minerals and crystal structure. This information on minerals and what they are made up of, is more in-depth than I have previously ever seen in a crystal book. Ideas for using your crystals is also included. It covers the individual crystals in detail, one page per stone.

Are you ready to travel back to the magical world of Thra?

Regarding the individual stones, it is not as in depth as some books, but covers the basics. It also has excellent photos of each stone. One of the crystal books that may take some time to absorb as it has so much in-depth and unusual information on the minerals. It is published by Heaven and Earth Publishing.

There are now three different versions of this book, an older version published in , a newer one published in and the latest published in It is also available on kindle, so that can be helpful if you want to be able to take it with you when shopping, and you can get an Amazon kindle app for free to use on desktops, Iphones and Ipads if that is what you use. There is some controversy in crystal circles over the actions of one of the authors, in regard to his trade-marking a large number of crystals. I understand their feelings but in my opinion this does not detract from the value of the information contained in the book.

I quite like the fact that you get two different approaches to how to use each crystal in the Book Of Stones, so this is helpful. The two authors do not always have the same approach and this in itself is good. If the authors of crystal books are not always completely in agreement about how to use a crystal, it allows you to understand that each of you have the ability to decide what you feel about the attributes of a particular stone.

The photos are good and after each crystal there is a summary, which is a good inclusion. He has also written a couple of other books, including his smaller pocket sized book which I have reviewed above, and an in-depth book about Moldavite. Crystal Co-Creators is written by Dorothy Roeder. It is more a reference for when you need help that you are unable to find any other way. What she tells you about different crystals and stones, fills the gaps not covered by some other books.