Cuckolded by the Delivery Guy (Contemporary Hotwife Erotica)

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A supposedly innocent white wife becomes a black-cock whore for coworkers and a man seeking revenge.

This is an interracial cuckold story written for and in the first-person voice of the Lush reader and enhanced for your reading pleasure. The last thirty years almost seem like a blur as I look back at my rather unconventional, but sexually-fulfilling life with my wife, Lori. My name is Howard, and now at the age of fifty-six, and Lori at forty-nine, we are celebrating our thirtieth My new husband wanted to get me pregnant and have his baby.

We had only been married 4 months but he was 48 and I was 44 so the clock was ticking. I told him we would give it a try but if I didn't get pregnant in a few months then it probably wasn't going to happen. We had been trying for four months with no luck. We had sex all the time. He took me every chance he got. Sometimes three or There are many advantages to being the black owner of a successful, small company, in addition to the obvious benefits of making a lot of money and being able to enjoy a rewarding and enjoyable lifestyle.

I also enjoy being the boss of and having control over my white employees, many of whom are racists.

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So, I guess that makes me a racist too since I want to exploit their weaknesses and I have always fantasized about getting my wife to have sex with other men especially a black man. But every time I brought up the subject she acted as she was not interested. Let me describe my wife Linda she is 33 years old 5 foot 6, long blond hair, she has 38c breasts and I start jogging with my white neighbor's husband and we end up sucking each other and fucking. The s were a tumultuous time for racial relations in our country, especially in the South, but I feel that by the s great progress had been made.

My name is Sandra, and my husband Mitchell and I are black. We both went to college, and after graduating in we got great jobs and bought a nice home in a mostly-white, middle class suburb in the Birmingham area. Most of our It was a Saturday afternoon and I was super horny. My son was away at school and it had been a couple of months since we had sex.

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I missed his big cock. He knew I had other sexual partners and I knew he was fucking different girls at school. I was thinking about who I could call. I decided to give John a call to see what he was doing. John is a young black guy that works out in our Deciding we needed a holiday, my partner and I booked up to take a trip to Jamaica. The resort looked amazing, 5 star and total luxury. After a long journey we eventually arrived at the resort.

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It was every bit as good as the brochure said it would be, and our suite was beautiful. Our first few days were spent relaxing between the pool and Part one: As I mentioned in my previous story, I worked in several African countries from to as an engineer and advisor in energy exploration, primarily oil and gas. Due to my expertise and reputation, I hitchhike after my car breaks down in a mountain snow storm and I end up sucking black cocks. My wife Sue and I moved to the Denver area in the early s for me to take a new job as a salesman with a medical supply company. I traveled all over the states of Colorado and Utah and often found myself in my company car in the mountains on I in the winter.

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At the time of this story I was forty-five years old. It was the middle of January, and after having spent a long day in my My wife and I both had a hard week at work and were looking forward to the weekend where we were going away to enjoy a nice dinner and meet some friends. We decided to leave early Friday afternoon and I watched her getting dressed and ready for our time away. I was pleasantly surprised to see Lisa put on a short skirt and a white, almost sheer blouse with no bra. She knew I I was working for an oil company in Saudi Arabia and end up sucking many Arab cocks and eating cum.

I am a petroleum engineer working for a major oil company headquartered in the Houston area, and at the time of this story I was forty years old and preparing for a one-year consulting assignment at one of our affiliates near Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I convince my white friend to show his wife cuckold videos and they become my cuckold couple. I have been playing poker with four good friends for many years. She was a short and skinny Asian girl with long I am going to reveal my absolute first time with a black woman.

This goes back to the summer of I had just finished baseball practice that day and thankfully didn't have work. I asked a couple of buddies if they wanted to roll into NYC with me. We lived in the NE corner of Jersey. Only John was game to hit the city. We grabbed a six pack of Budweiser and set off. Believe it or not My body aches. It hurt to even open my eyes, because opening them would mean that it was time for me to take my behind home. Speaking of my behind… Good Lord, this man and the things he My wife and I are black and take pleasure in seducing, demeaning, and using a white couple for sex.

Growing up as a black boy in rural Birmingham, Alabama in the s was a lot easier than my parents had things growing up in the segregated South. Yet, even with race relations being greatly improved, I still had a strong sense that there were certain taboos that it was dangerous to breach.

As I grew into my teen years, I still considered it forbidden to try to date white girls, even though One of the benefits of working for a large, international corporation is the potential for overseas assignments. A stint at a foreign subsidiary usually comes with premium pay, better advancement prospects after returning home, and the opportunity to learn a new culture.

I always wondered what was wrong with me until I found out what was really going on.

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He was too busy fucking the young college interns working in his office. Purchase the book at Smashwords. Colin shares Tess. She gets hot and sticky with other men, while Colin watches. At the big party what will Tess do when the powerful black host and his hard, muscular driver start paying her some extra special attention?

It contains graphic and explicit scenes of two hard, muscular black men taking control of a white woman, with her husband humiliated and made to watch. Excerpt: Colin was shrunk by the door, watching and trying not to watch. The peow, peow of the iPhone reminded Sammy that Colin was still there.

Sammy paused. Turns out her husband gets a kinky thrill knowing what his cheating wife is doing. In fact, his secret fantasy is to watch his wife in action. Could June's extra marital affair be the start of something BIG for the three of them? It wasn't easy, but horny Susan used all her willpower to be a good girl during her college years, so that she would one day be able to marry rich and respectably.

Susan seeks out the assistance of a therapist Ryan Dark has meticulously started dismantling Graham Hart's life, seducing his wife, Jane, and tapping into his cuckolding fantasies. But he's only just getting started Ryan will reveal Graham's most terrible secret, leading him down a path that could be fatal.

Gina's not a woman to be messed with, and when she finds out that her husband Colin has been working late for other reasons, she doesn't get mad - she gets even in the way she knows best. Cuckold Lifestyle Erotica Tom and Heather have gotten closer since starting their cuckold lifestyle, but she constantly wants more.

In a surprise twist, Heather brings a woman into the mix, but there's a special surprise for Tom. He enjoys the treat and goes out of his way to make his wife even happier. Her cuckolding continues to the ultimate level. LENGTH: This Cuckold Lifestyle Erotica story is around words in length and contains multiple partners, interracial, sissy cuckolds, pegging, gay sex, bdsm and a hotwife. Can he take everything his wife's friend has to offer?

What will happen when she pushes him even further into the cuckold lifestyle? Find out in Hotwife Rules: Her Pay, a steamy and sticky erotica story about a man who lives the cuckold lifestyle in order to make his wife happy.

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This Cuckold Lifestyle Fiction involves a man who submits completely to his wife and covers. She kept him out of jail.