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The Connection Between Moses and Jesus

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We are committed to providing the Bible in accurate, contemporary translations and formats so that more people around the world will have the opportunity to be transformed by Jesus Christ. We do this through translation and publishing, by making the Bible accessible, and with innovative Bible engagement programs like Community Bible Experience. When was the Bible written? It was the coming of the Messiah, Jesus Christ, which ignited the flame that produced the New Testament, as the new faith swept across the Near East and then westward to Greece and on to Rome.

Half of the New Testament books were contributed by one man, the Apostle Paul, in the epistles he sent to groups of new Christians and to his assistants Timothy and Titus.

Being transfigured would explain the illumination of his countenance when he returned from Mount Sinai. The reader may conclude by comparing columns one and two that a wealth of additional understanding on Moses has been restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith; what follows is an elaboration of some of these points.

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There he beheld God and a vision of this world and everyone that either had lived, was living, or was yet to live upon it. Moses was raised as a prince in Egypt. This transfiguration and vision that the Lord gave to Moses elevated his view of many things. President Boyd K. No other church knows or teaches this truth. To the spiritual eyes of Moses also came a vision of a premortal council held in heaven, wherein the Father presented the plan of salvation.

Mediator: Moses to Christ

Jesus Christ was willing to come to earth, give his life for us, and take upon himself our sins while preserving the honor for the Father and the agency of man. Through the Prophet Joseph Smith it has been made clear that since the Fall of Adam, Jesus Christ is the being from whom revelation is received by prophets. The true nature of God has unfortunately become clouded and confused throughout much of the world because of the creeds of men and misinterpretation of the biblical text.

These incorrect perceptions have been perpetuated for centuries when the revelatory correcting tongues of prophets have been silenced due to apostasy.

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As part of his preparation between his call recorded in Exodus 3 and his leading the children of Israel from Egyptian bondage recorded in Exodus 12, Moses was trained in a vision by the Lord himself. He was taught of worlds and the purposes or plan for which they had been made. Unfortunately, the clear picture of the plan of exaltation has been lost from the Bible. One of the major contributions restored by the Prophet Joseph Smith is that Moses knew that the entire plan was known even before the world was created. The concept that there would be a creation, a fall, an atoning savior, prophets, dispensations, ordinances, and so on was all known before the world began.

Part of that plan includes covenants and ordinances that are eternal or everlasting. The central or core doctrine of the plan is the infinite and eternal Atonement of Jesus Christ. Yet from the restored account of Moses and other revelations provided us by Joseph Smith, the answer to why the Fall occurred gives welcome enlightenment. We come to understand more fully the necessity of this central event in the plan of salvation.

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