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MCT oil is fine, you can infuse any kind of edible fat also other foods too like milk, cream, honey etc.

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I go into all of these in my online cooking course. The slow cooker, unfortunately, does not get hot enough to properly do the job. I even tried under pressure in my Instant Pot and it only worked so-so. It is basically a boil in bag but very temperature controlled. To buy the Ardent will cost about dollars to ship it to the U. If I used a small glass dish inside it…I have an oven thermometer so could leave that in there to view. Again, thank you! I hope and wish for medical any use, in fact marijuana to be legalised in the U. I think a small well made toaster oven, with oven thermometer would be a better choice for someone on a budget.

As to how much bud to use, that depends on how strong you want the oil. That said, when cooking for myself, I use double that amount. Less infusion in the finished recipe means better flavor. If you are unsure of how much you need, please see this article to determine your ideal dose, because everyone is different and not just a little different.

Hi Cheri, thank you for replying and answering more of my questions! In your opinion, which will procure the highest potency, MCT, coconut oil or butter? I did a lot of research lately and adjusted my original recommendations based on that research.

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I now recommend an hour at degrees F. Use whatever works best for your dietary needs or what works best in the recipe you plan to make.

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I have a question regarding the slow cooker temperature for infusing. I have a little tart warmer-type pot and wonder if that is hot enough. After an hour of heating water for temp-testing purposes it has reached degrees F and remained at that temperature still at 90 minutes. That temp is lower than a slow cooker, even on the low setting, so I would recommend a slow cooker or a double boiler on the stovetop be sure to keep the top pot covered as well. Thank you, Cheri! So what temperature am I aiming for? If I purchase a small crock pot or rice cooker, I want to be sure the temperature produced is what I need.


I looked at the MB site and their recommended setting is F, F if a different model. You absolutely do not need a MBM or any other special gadgets. Slow cooker on low is about which works very well. Thank you so much. And I prefer not to use alcohol. The dispensary nearest me does not have oils available as of yet.

Again, thank you for this information and thank you for making it available to us that need it, and especially thank you for following up to answer our questions. Your kindness and generosity in offering this to us is truly appreciated. Glycerin is tougher than alcohol to get a strong tincture as it is just not as efficient as extracting. I am going to be working on glycerin tincture instructions to update my cooking course after we launch the new topicals course.

If you can stomach it, you can also make a really strong coconut oil that you can use in the same manner. Or make some edibles you can keep in the freezer if you will be able to eat after your surgery. Best of luck. I messed up a batch. So I added water to the minimum fill line. I also added some lecithin. Now I have a watery, sludgey mess. Can I put it in the oven at like and evaporate the water, or is the whole batch jacked? Ugggh, ok, sorry to hear that. I am not a fan of the Magical Butter Machine because they force you to finely grind the plant material, which as I talk about in this post, is NOT a good idea.

Filter the sludge out as much as possible, use a cheesecloth-lined strainer or even better a fine mesh bag like used for making nut milks. Then put the remaining butter and water in a container and put it in the fridge or even freezer. The butter should separate and harden on top. Hopefully, you will still have something you can use. I say hopefully because lecithin will makes fats bind to the water, which is not what you want in this instance.

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Without the lecithin in the mix it would be no problem, but not sure how this will affect it. Please let us know!

My best advice for home cooks making butter, use a slow cooker or Instant Pot on the slow cooker setting, you do not need a special gadget. Do not finely grind the plant material. And unless you are trying to bind fats to water, skip the lecithin. New to this. After the Decarb process, I can use my instapot for the butter?

What would be your instructions for that? Thank you! I love using my Instant Pot to make marijuana butter, as there is almost no smell while it is cooking. I guess you could pressure cook it, but temps are hotter and the bits of plant material are the types of things that love to clog pressure cooker valves, so I prefer to use the slow cooker setting instead of the Pressure cooking setting. So follow the slow cooker instructions at the link below and you are good to go.

This is truly a helpful guide, especially for those who are new in the world of incorporating cannabis into cooking and eating. Water at sea level boils at degrees F. At higher altitudes it takes more heat due to less atmospheric pressure. When cooking Cannabis, does it leave any residue on cookware non-stick specifically , plastic or glass? I am very concerned of it getting into my system and losing my job, when I only cooked out of the same pan as it was made. Enjoy ur site. I like the mason jar technique.

I bought a cold brew coffee filter that inserts into the larger mason jar.

10 Common Marijuana Cooking Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Put ur weed into the inside of the strainer filter. Holds a oz or more. Put whatever oil or butter into mason jar with water. For the lid of mason jar I took a skinny nail and made 2 very small holes into the top. Now no need to burp the jar. The build up has a place to escape. Next I put the mason jar into my pot fill it with water enough to come up past my material level …then put my sous vide into the pot.

I set my temp at and set my timer for 3 to 6 hours. Does pretty damn good. The crock is also a preferred choice. I own a magical butter, a levo…save ur money folks they are glorified crock pots with a hefty price tag.!! The ardent is good, just a little on the small side and the tcheck is also good to have.

5X Cannabis Baked Flan Recipe

It takes the guess work out. Also if possible I would like to see a good easy way to infuse chocolate, milk and white and a easy potent hard candy. You do a great job on bringing Info, good solid info to the masses. Today here in Philly I saw on the news they are finally going to put recreational on the table for discussion we do have medical.