Investing in Spiritual Wealth

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Conventional advice encourages us to amass our wealth, but the Bible teaches a very different approach. Program Archives Upcoming Programs.

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Return to the Main Player. Philippians Jesus described money as no less than His chief rival for our heart Matthew ! And churches that address it through their stewardship ministries — if they even have a stewardship ministry—are much more the exception than the rule.

And yet, the need has never been greater. This is happening at a time when traditional pensions have all but disappeared and schools are just beginning to bring financial teaching into their curricula. Churches would be wise to teach their people how to invest so they can fulfill their biblical mandate to provide for their families 1 Timothy — not just during their working years, but for all of their years. My guess is that if they asked the following questions, they would see a very significant need to teach on the topic of investing.

Of course, these questions cover just the practical side of investing.

The Spiritual Growth of Wealth Redistribution

That certainly includes our investing. To what degree and in what ways do you view your own investing as a spiritual activity?

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  • 2. By Giving to God's Workers, Matthew 10:40-42; Mark 9:41; Galatians 6:6-7.

How has your church helped you in this area? He is the author of four personal finance books published by NavPress and two video-based small group resources. The more I learn from reading your articles and newsletter, the more confident I am in managing the resources God has given us.

Leo May 2019 Investing in Growing Your Spiritual Wealth to Attract Divine Love

Member Login. Are you investing that much each month? Do you know what average annual return you need your portfolio to generate in order to meet your goals? How are you choosing investments? On your own? With the help of an investment newsletter? With the help of a financial advisor? Are you following a specific investment strategy? Is your strategy purely objective? In other words, is it based on rules rather than opinions?

The Spiritual Growth of Wealth Redistribution

Do you fully understand your strategy? Could you explain it to a middle school student? Does your strategy have a solid track record? In other words, has its long-term average annual return been in line with the return you need in order to achieve your goals?