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Deutschrap produziert nur noch Tracks um die zwei Minuten Spielzeit? Nun folgt mit dem am Im Rahmen seiner Welttournee wird NF zwischen dem Viel Arbeitslosigkeit und Alkoholismus, wurde auch er in eine desolate Familie hineingeboren. Schon als Teenager schrieb er erste Tracks und nahm sie mit einem Computer in seinem Kinderzimmer auf. Faber arbeitet eher wie ein beobachtender Schriftsteller, als dass er den in Deutschland so beliebten authentisch-melancholischen Formatradio-Songwriter mit Dreitagebart gibt. Wegen dieser Rollenspiele ecken seine Songs an.

Sie polarisiert. Faber bringt die Ambivalenzen der Jetzt-Zeit auf den Punkt. Alles widerspricht sich.

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Versteht sich selbst nicht mehr. Mit Rotweinflecken und Kippe im Mundwinkel. Eine Gitarre in der Hand. Ein paar Zeilen, die so kein anderer schreibt. Wie sieht der Alltag eines Afghanen in Deutschland aus? Mit welchen Klischees muss er sich immer wieder auseinandersetzen? Culture dictates its own leaders. Princess Nokia certainly speaks up. Unassumingly , yet naturally , she fills the void with rigorous , raw , and real honesty encased inside of razor sharp raps.

The New York-born Puerto Rican MC, singer , songwriter , entrepreneur , style icon , actress , and activist amplifies her own voice across music , fashion , film , and society in and beyond. She may have been born Destiny Frasqueri , but today , Princess Nokia projects a symbol of possibility — proving the power of authenticity supported by a growing movement.

A book-worthy journey brought her to this point. After losing her mother and shuffling in-and-out of foster care for half of her life , she rose above all manner of trials and tribulations and chronicled it in poetry. Soon, those poems transformed into anthems across early mixtapes and projects , including Honeysuckle , Vicki Gotti , and After a series of releases , she infiltrated the conversation with the independent breakthrough , Deluxe [Rough Trade].

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Along the way , she also engendered widespread tastemaker acclaim extensively profiled by everyone New York Times , Stereogum , Vice , and more. However , Princess Nokia continued to ceaselessly push herself creatively. Retreating to Los Angeles to record new music , she endeavored to evolve in During a trip to Puerto Rico, the song came to life from a poem , much like her earliest compositions.

Except this time, she penned the empowering lyrics on the beach. When she returned , she took the reins as far as production goes , making decisions to add rich choir and boisterous horns. The track earned earned major praise everywhere from Vogue to Rolling Stone to E!

Follow up single "Balenciaga" a biting , razor sharp track on which Princess Nokia sets her confidence front and center as she blocks out designer label followers and dresses for herself. Quietly rising up as a voice the game needs , Princess Nokia continues to rap for all the right reasons. The story of Mura Masa is one to remind people that there's still room for optimism about the "internet generation. Like, over million streams popular. Now, he's gone a step further and turned all that ability and promise into a playful, ambitious and entirely 'Mura Masa' debut album.

It's a record that, in his words, captures "the confusion and chaos of being 20 and living in London for the first time. In and amongst all that, you're as likely to find Prince-style wired funk sitting next to trap as you are tropical-inflected house and acoustic balladry. Undaunted by the calibre of talent he's found himself working with or the pressure of expectations, Mura Masa has produced an album of coherence, variety and vitality: even his artwork rejects the idea of running to the page, or living in a box.

It's a record which looks in from the outside -- across water, in fact -- at a scope of subcultures, and measures the reality against what was promised by the lens of the Internet.

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Alex grew up on the island of Guernsey, where "everybody knows each other" but the opportunities for young people, as he laconically puts it, "are basically: hang around beaches and drink. My mum is American and I was exposed to a lot of her records at first, like Joni Mitchell, whilst my Dad's from Scotland and played in a lot of hard rock bands when he was younger. Then, Alex "heard Hudson Mohawke's 'Thunder Bay' and discovered that electronic music was a thing," before discovering James Blake "made me realised how far you could go with it!

Around the 'Someday Somewhere' EP, it was admittedly about spotting connections, echoes between scenes, and trying to make up for as much time as possible in some ways. As he began making an album, though, Mura Masa experienced "less of a sound-.

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  8. I've honed in what I actually love about making music, incorporated a lot more real instruments, and feel like I'm less worried about trying to prove myself. At first I thought you should just listen to everything you could all at once. To assist this transition, he moved from Guernsey to study English Literature and Philosophy in Brighton but had to drop out when music took over around one year in.

    He then relocated to South London, an eye-opening journey which is captured in more ways than one on his debut album. The record begins with sound of getting on a bus at New Park Road, before travelling round the areas of the city which are integral to specific tracks Brixton, Abbey Road, Hackney, Rayners Lane, Caledonian Road and the broader musical map of these last few years there's also ambient sounds from Los Angeles, Japan, Paris, Brighton and Guernsey.

    It closes, on the beautiful 'Blue,' with a return to South London, forming -- if not a hugely conceptual, linear narrative -- the kind of universe-building details that define an album for someone like Alex. The reason I've made an album in the first place was to capture this chapter of my life, and those places which defined it. The trial and errors of youth are there again on 'Nuggets' -- that sense that love hits fast, like weed, and tapers off -- or the Tom-Tripp-assisted 'Helpline,' and its depiction of a lost night, and lost scenes: "I wanted to echo the kind of music you don't really get from the UK anymore: the live-band punk circuit, strong London accents.

    K Paul -- is a haunting, melancholic ballad from within a warehouse rave, tipping a hat to breakbeat or garage subcultures; 'Nothin Else' was written the day Prince died, its funk workout neatly complimented back in his home of Massachusetts by Alex's long-time Warp pin-up, Jamie Lidell. She recorded the whole song in about an hour -- I think I pressed record four times -- before going to a fashion awards show.

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    It sounds weird not to expect a singer to be able to sing like that, but it was incredible. One of the album's wildcard guests, the Kanye-signed Desiigner, may be one of the most streamed artists in the world, but remains an enigma. Perhaps most meaningful of all to Mura Masa is closing track 'Blue': the result of many months spent playing email-tag with long-time hero Damon Albarn "what a thing to have. Damon did that with Gorillaz and it's a spirit I've tried to emulate on my own album, in terms of the range of collaborators and clashes of sounds.

    Back in Guernsey when I was younger, I thought there was just London culture on one hand, and 'gangster rap' on the other. I wanted to look in on the walks of life in-between, and make something eclectic and inclusive.

    Gustave Flaubert: Frau Bovary

    The album shouldn't feel completely cohesive at all times, because I'm young and don't have one specific direction in my life yet. His debut album suggests the importance of togetherness, and the challenge to connect however isolated your upbringing, messy your love life, or busy your city. What Mura Masa will do next is mind-boggling to consider, but wherever he goes, he's going with you. Die Oma ist mittlerweile tot und ich bin keine Friseurin geworden. Mein Beruf ist aber trotzdem an den Haaren herbeigezogen.

    Kleiner Spoiler: Es wird richtig deep!

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    Jahrelang habe ich versucht, das zu sein, was andere von mir erwartet haben. Aber in nichts war ich so gut wie darin, ich selbst zu sein. Ihr habt keinen Plan, was das alles bedeuten soll? Dann kauft einfach ein Ticket. Tickets sind ab dem Deshalb gibt euch der Baron eine zweite Runde Live! Promoter: Live Nation GmbH. Die erste Single folgte dann bereits Seine Mutter Johannah verstarb im Alter von nur 43 Jahren. Jedoch bedeutet das nicht, dass er nicht weiter an neuer Musik arbeitet. Am Live Nation P resents. Feiertage Uhr. Festnetz, max. Die Simple Minds sind musikalische Pioniere — und das seit 40 Jahren.

    Sie haben sich und ihre Musik vielfach gedreht, verwandelt und erneuert. All diese Stile gleichzeitig zu beherrschen war immer die Quintessenz der Simple Minds und etwas ganz Besonderes. Darum machen wir das, was wir tun: Songs schreiben, Platten aufnehmen, live spielen. Oktober, 10 Uhr exklusiv auf Eventim. Ab Freitag, den Oktober, 10 Uhr gibt es die Tickets dann ab 41,00 Euro zzgl.

    Doch damit musste es der rigorosen Gedankenpolizei jener Zeit ein Dorn im Auge sein und wurde eifriger gejagt, als so mancher traurige Ketzer. The Techno Marching Band combines hypnotic driving techno and expressive brass band music, freeing electronic music from the DJ desk and overhauling the image of marching bands.

    They started as an experiment and evolved to a world-acclaimed phenomenon in a minimum of time. Just drums and brass, no computers involved, this is all they need to revolutionize techno music and bring it back to its roots at the same time. The eleven musicians in their iconic red jackets have managed to spread their love for hand-made electronic music all over the planet.


    The videos of their impromptu street gigs regularly attract millions of views. Tickets available now. S ie ist das mittlere von drei Kindern und beginnt bereits im Alter von sieben Jahren in der Kirche aufzutreten. Das Album braucht nicht einmal sechs Monate, um vierfach Platin zu erreichen. Umso bezeichnender ist der Titel.

    Loredana ist jetzt schon eine der erfolgreichsten Rapperinnen aller Zeiten. Und sie hat gerade erst angefangen.