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In fact, we are convinced that reading the Bible without seeing how it points us to Jesus is to read the Bible with a veil over it. Yes, to this day whenever Moses is read a veil lies over their hearts. This text goes on to say that it is the Gospel that is veiled. And what is really there is the image and glory of God in Jesus. It is about seeing how God operated in historical events, through authorial intent, in the texts of scripture to show us more of his glory in Jesus.

That is our goal in this podcast.

Psalms of David, Op. 2: Alleluja, lobet den Herren, SWV 38, "Psalm 150"

We will work through books of the Bible in segments. Usually these segments will be broken up by the text itself, pausing for reflection where the literature seems to tell us to stop and take account. Our hope is to make it through the whole Bible, speaking the Gospel out of every corner of Scripture. Welcome to our public experiment to test this thesis. Useful if you want to create a direct download link, embed in your own player, post from another publishing engine, link to from Patreon, etc.


It seems likely that Ps , "The prayers of David the son of Jesse are ended", refers to the completion of an early collection of Davidic psalms. The evidence does not really fit together seamlessly, but still converges on this conclusion.

New Testament

The psalms in the Hebrew Bible Masoretic Text is divided into five "books", and each of the five concludes with a " doxology ":. Psalm is a special case, in which a whole psalm provides a "doxology" not only to Book V, but to the Psalms as a whole. The other four have a similar shape:. Amen, and Amen. These "doxologies" appear to have been in place at least since the time when Psalm was put to use in 1 Chronicles Given this sort of "collection marker" at , it seems unlikely that refers only to the preceding psalm.

Witness, praise, prayer, and prophecy in the Book of Psalms. | The Bible Project

More likely is that it serves as a supra-collection marker, refering back to the collection of collections in Books I-II. Whatever precisely it means, it is generally taken as an indicator that the psalm bearing the superscription belongs to a "Davidic psalter". Psalms have no superscription, and are thought to introduce the collection as a whole.

This span of psalms corresponds nicely with "Book I".

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Note that this brings us nearly to the conclusion to Book II, and the thus the notice in , that "The prayers of David the son of Jesse are ended". Other than that concluding set of eight psalms, we really don't get another "collection" of David psalms in the body of the book of Psalms again. It seems fairly clear that the book of Psalms is itself a collection of collections.

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The two great blocks of David psalms along with the smaller, closing collection themselves point in this direction. But there are also the following:. Klaus Seybold has a nice discussion of phenomenon in more detail in his Introducing the Psalms T. Clark, , pp. It seems plausible, then, that the notice at was added while the collection was still in its growth phase. How long did that phase go on, though? As the online article by Tyler Williams notes, the dominant interpretation of the unusual contents of this scroll holds that the first three Books of the Psalms were fixed at an earlier stage than the last two books.

Williams fairly notes also that this view is still debated. This could explain, though, why the compiler who added the notice at believed that the Davidic collection was complete: because at the time the notice was included, that was in fact the case.

And finally, Psalm This appears in 11QPs a in both a longer and shorter form, but is best known as the st psalm in the Septuagint Psalms. Its superscription reads as follows:. This Psalm is a genuine one of David, though outside the number, [composed] when he fought in single combat with Goliad.

Where are we?

This composition has an almost unusual level of self-consciousness for the Davidic psalms, both "protecting" the special status of those from within the "official ", and also claiming Davidic status for this composition itself. This "consciousness" is yet a further indication I suggest that there was an awareness of a developing "David" collection, and of what was in, and what was out.

Taking this evidence together, we see an extended period of time over which the canonical psalms were collected, and that there are sub-collections incorporated into our Hebrew psalms. At one point in this phase, the two large collection of David psalms were included, and the end point of this marked in This process of David's "influence" extending more deeply and broadly into the psalms collection can be seen to continue in the Greek Psalms again, see n.

The prayers of David… are completed : Heb. The [subject] matter indicates that he said this in his old age, when he enthroned Solomon. My understanding of the Psalm is that it is prayer of David, with the "of Solomon" in the Psalm's title meaning the Psalm is concerning Solomon, rather than authored by Solomon. The content of the Psalms supports this - it is the prayers of David for his son, prophesying what his son should do, and will do as king. Verse 20 does not refer to all of the preceding Psalms, but the prayers of the Psalm 72 by David concerning Solomon.

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