The Natural Diet: Simple Nutritional Advice For Optimal Health In The Modern World

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I was given this book as a gift from a friend.

I feel have a pretty solid knowledge about Nutrition and Wellness. That being said, I enjoyed this book and often recommend it to my clients. Evita does a wonderful job of simplifying and educating people about all areas of nutrition and health.


This is a well rounded resource of useful information that anyone can use immediately after reading. Thank you Evita for sharing your knowledge and insight. Exceptional Book! I found this book to be both inspiring and enlightening. Evita is very knowledgeable and clear in her writing and demonstrates her mastery of this subject.

I find myself going back to it over and over. I highly recommend this book. Evita Ochel is an inspiring teacher with a holistic approach towards healthy living. This book will help you uncover the unbiased truths about many areas of nutrition and lifestyle. Here, Evita presents very practical and valuable guidelines that are based on a whole-food, plant-based diet.

She shows you how and why this can be an all-encompassing lifestyle approach to help us thrive and lead our healthiest and best life possible. More specifically, Evita explains why there is so much misinformation about such topics in our society and how we can tackle this in a discerning manner to best help ourselves. The final 2 chapters have encouraged me to find out more about positive lifestyle choices relating to sleep, exercise, mindfulness and meditation. I highly recommend this book and believe it can serve as an excellent reference and introduction to plant-based eating.

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Brilliant Book! This book is well layed out and easy to understand. It is the perfect book for anyone who is interested in gaining optimal health whether they are a beginner or advanced. Evita understands the true meaninig of optimal health and lives and breathes this lifestyle. This is a lifestyle.

Get inspired and read this brilliant book! Highly recommend!

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Thank you Evita! Koren Sutherland , plant-based coach and entrepreneur — November I honestly cannot say enough good things about this book. It was wonderful to read through the first time, but it is even more wonderful to return to specific sections as I gradually find time to deepen my knowledge in specific areas of nutrition. I love that about her. She has a very scientific mentality, seeing clearly without any bias, letting us know the pros and cons of a subject so that we may decide best for ourselves how we might incorporate it into our diets.

She is not telling us what to do, she is lovingly lifting us up towards health by using the light of reason to educate us so that we can once and for all understand completely and fully what is healthy so we are finally free from books, articles and the confusion of advertisements; now I am free to live! I have read quite a few books on healthy eating, but Evita seems to best understand and explain the foundations of healthy eating. This is the last book on eating I will ever need to read, it makes that much sense.

She does not subscribe to single bullet theories, she does not flaunt the latest fads that will be gone in a couple of years after they have been deemed unhealthy for us in the end, and there is nothing that she wants us to buy other than healthy, life sustaining foods. Thank you Evita, for making it very clear and simple how we can eat for optimum health.

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For optimal health read and follow the advice in this book. We have become so confused as a species when it comes to all aspects of our lives. Here is a perfect guide to bring some light to the darkness and confusion. Simple and by its simplicity it is practical and easy to follow. Solid, reliable information, as opposed to nutritional trends and fads.

The author is well-grounded in nutritional science and holistic health care. I love Evita Ochel and this book covered all aspects of health and wellness. Much of it I knew, but she presents things in a clear way that makes sense. Thank you for writing this book.

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Always do this, and never do that. On an intuitive level, these diet fads just don't make sense.

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Some people say milk and dairy are bad for us. How can milk be bad, if we're mammals, and milk is sufficiently nutritious to feed us through the period of our lives when good nutrition is most critical? Other authorities will insist that the only way to be healthy is to eat a more or less flavorless diet. How can a 'healthy' diet be so unpleasant to the senses-in other words, why would our noses and tongues make 'unhealthy' food seem appealing, and 'healthy' food bland and undesirable?

Does it really make sense that your body is built to lead you to the wrong foods? Still others will tell you that you must take some supplement or eat some invented superfood for optimal health. How can our bodies 'require' a certain food product that has only been created in recent history? Were human beings never healthy until its invention, and did the human body somehow evolve to require a product that didn't even exist yet?

So many of the most common ideas in nutrition just don't hold up if you spend a few minutes thinking about them. Couple this with the fact that there are cultures all around the world who spend practically no time thinking about being fat or thin and enjoy longer lives and better health than most in the developed West do, and it becomes clear that we're missing something important on an intuitive level.

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This is a very little book full of not new info. They are typically fit and active until the end, suggesting that there is something about their way of life that allows them to age healthfully. Pontzer said. It is possible that genetics and other factors unrelated to lifestyle protect them from chronic disease. But studies show that when people born into hunter-gatherer societies move to large cities and adopt Western lifestyles, they develop high rates of obesity and metabolic disease just like everyone else.

Michael Gurven, an anthropologist at the University of California, Santa Barbara, has done extensive research on the Tsimane, a Bolivian population that lives a subsistence lifestyle of hunting, gathering, fishing and farming. The Tsimane get most of their calories from complex carbohydrates high in fiber like plantain, corn, cassava, rice and bananas, supplemented with wild game and fish. Gurven has published detailed studies showing that they have exceptional cardiovascular health and almost no diabetes. Yet Dr. Gurven has seen several cases of Tsimane people developing and dying from Type 2 diabetes after leaving their villages and moving to the nearby town of San Borja, where they took sedentary office jobs and gave up their traditional diet.

Some of these folks can see a pretty rapid change in health. For the new study, Dr.

Evita Ochel

Pontzer and his colleagues analyzed data on hunter-gatherers and other small-scale societies across the globe, from South America to Africa and Australia. They looked at detailed dietary assessments of fossil and archaeological records to get a sense of what early humans ate. And they included new data collected from the Hadza, a community of people who spend their days hunting and foraging in northern Tanzania, much as their ancestors have for tens of thousands of years.

Pontzer has spent time with them and long studied their health. In a typical day, the Hadza set out in groups early in the morning to hunt and forage in the savanna.