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Many will claim to be immune to these tactics. Persuasion, after all, is what happens to other people. But recent studies led by Kai Kaspar from the University of Cologne and published in the journal Applied Cognitive Psychology demonstrate that personalised advertising can be effective for two reasons. Not only do personalised ads, such as the aforementioned handwritten letter, attract more attention than impersonal ones. They actually remain in our memory for longer, too. Ticking the right boxes: Personal touches can improve customer service. Extra mile: A little personalisation can also go a long way in business.

In one of Kaspar's studies, participants were asked to review a series of current affairs articles presented on a news website. While they were reading the articles a variety of advertisements from a range of companies were displayed. The putting in of the limit of 36 will mean depending upon the relieving officer and not upon the personal touch of the guardian.

I suggest that it is in such close personal touch that the administration of this fund has failed. There is that personal touch that you do not get in so many other industries. The local committees consist of people who are in close personal touch with the distress.

Nothing is more useful in solving a difficult situation than a personal touch and contact. The four regional authorities would be discharging important services in respect of which the personal touch is absolutely essential.

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I am a great believer in the personal touch. Surely the most important thing there is personal touch and loyalty from top to bottom and back again. But the personal touch depends on the person and on just precisely what one means by it. It may be just as effective, and it will be necessary to get that personal touch. It does not depend on personal touch , but on one's record and work.

I understand that some of the smaller firms, perhaps with a more personal touch , tend to think about paternity as well as maternity rights. We want the personal touch between the regional organisations and the district committees and the various plants. As we all know, while they are in frequent personal touch , they do not necessarily tell each other what they are doing.

The time has come when the personal touch only is the solution of your problem. In fact, no letter was sent, because the district valuer was in personal touch with the trustees throughout all this time.

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I believe there are advantages in large constituencies which at least counterbalance the so-called personal touch which exists in the smaller constituencies. Another point which has been mentioned is with reference to the personal touch between a member and his constituents. As with the voluntary services, in the case of the public authorities personal knowledge and the personal touch are all important. The only way you can remedy that is by personal touch between the really key-men at the top. In spite of that they were sorry when the companies took over and the personal touch was lost.

In small firms as they exist to-day there is still a personal touch , but in large units that has to be countered in other ways. In losing that personal touch , misunderstandings arose, as was natural. It is obviously impossible for teachers to keep that personal touch with the children as the classes are today.

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I hope he will be able to continue to keep in close personal touch with the dispute until some satisfactory solution is found. The only thing that can redeem private charity is the personal touch. There is that personal touch between employer and employed in this industry which tends to good feeling all round. I am quite sure we are losing the personal touch. The personal contact and the personal touch of the doctor in his home will be lost.

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There is very little in the question of loss of personal touch. Attention has also been drawn in many letters from the listening public to the fact that our foreign programmes are lacking in the personal touch. But an appointment at regional level will not provide the close personal touch that existed with the medical officer of health. The fact that companies do not want to become very big and lose their personal touch is a very good thing indeed. That personal touch will do more than all the committees that ever existed. I will keep in close personal touch with the situation.

It is the personal touch that is required.

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There are other big concerns where that close personal touch is impossible. It would keep him in close personal touch with events in the country market town, or in other towns with which he had business. Does the fact that he represents those places prevent him from being in personal touch with the electors of the two great cities? All these points are covered by the question: are we placing too much emphasis on materials and too little on the personal touch?

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They should be in personal touch with them; they should be acquainted with their records, and take interest in their individual cases. It is a problem which should and must be helped by that kind of voluntary work and personal touch. The personal touch in industry is desperately important. The personal touch is also lost, because in a big firm a man is merely working for the firm. Your feedback will be reviewed. The chairman of the bank believes in the personal touch and always sends a signed letter to each customer. Cullinan's tasty offering adds a personal touch to a classic recipe.

Exceptional qualities, things and people. Examples of personal touch. This emphasizes the personal touch to the book. From Cambridge English Corpus. Their work breathes the influence of their teachers but commonly it also has a strong and impressively mature personal touch. These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.

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Throughout the book there is a feeling of being in a clinical setting, with a personal touch and a sense of a live discussion. Along with the personal touch , there must be just the right degree of continuity with which authors can readily identify. Women were instructed to acquaint themselves with the minutiae of entertaining and urged to add 'a personal touch to the dinner parties they hosted'.

Perhaps the ' personal touch ' of face-to-face canvassing is more likely to mobilise supporters than is a relatively impersonal phone call.

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Still, these add a personal touch. We think that the continuous contacts gave the professional relationship a personal touch , and it is reasonable to believe that this relationship helped to facilitate the spouses' grieving-process. Her feminist stance brings a strong element of self-awareness to her account, and her writing style boldly combines the personal touch with the rigour that writing for the academy demands.

The personal touch can sort out many problems. From the Hansard archive. Example from the Hansard archive.