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Maddie is forcing the Blue Moon employees to work over Christmas because a client's court case has been moved up to December 28th; after getting flack from David and all the employees she wishes she had never kept the agency open. Her guardian angel obliges and shows her how things would have turned out if she had closed it down. Everyone else has become wealthy and successful thanks to not being tied to the agency, but Maddie has had "a very bad year" and commits suicide. Ultimately Maddie decides that she is glad she kept the agency open.

The episode ends with Maddie and David sharing a passionate kiss and wishing "to all a good night".

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Jay Daniel [47]. Glenn Gordon Caron [47]. Gossip columnist Rona Barrett arrives at Blue Moon to investigate why there is no new episode, and why David and Maddie are unable to get along with each other. This acts as a framework for a clip show. The episode ends with Maddie and David promising that there will be a new episode next week.

Christopher Hibler [48]. Herbert is hired full-time and put to work on cases. Agnes is jealous of his increasing status at Blue Moon, and, when Maddie and David decline to take on the case of a woman who wants proof that her house is haunted, she takes it on herself. The haunting turns out to have been engineered by the family doctor, looking to profit from oil found on the site of the house. Jay Daniel [49].

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Kerry Ehrin [49]. Maddie reveals to David that she feels frustrated and would consider having a one-night stand with any man she meets, which upsets David.

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He follows her to a club, but mistakenly ends up tailing a different girl and becomes implicated in a murder. After a night in police custody he resolves to tell Maddie that he loves her, but when he arrives at her house in the early hours of the morning, another man Mark Harmon answers the door and states that Maddie is asleep. Sam Weisman [50]. The detectives are hired by a woman who wants to know if her lover is "falling back in love" with his wife. David learns that the man he met at Maddie's house is her former boyfriend, a well-educated and highly erudite astronaut called Sam Crawford.

When Maddie refuses to break a date with Sam in order to take part in a stakeout, David interrupts their dinner saying he needs to talk to Maddie about an emergency but he is not able to say what he plans before Sam returns to the table. David gets drunk, and makes a fool of himself after which Sam takes him home and then sleeps with Maddie. Allan Arkush [51]. Maddie is torn between her feelings for Sam and David, whom she accuses of being jealous. In the middle of the night, Maddie leaves her house to visit David asking what he had wanted to tell her so urgently the other night.

In a continuation of the case from the previous episode, the detectives investigate an apparent suicide which turns out to be a murder, leading to a chase in a bowling alley to catch the villains after which both Sam and Maddie say they had a great time catching the criminals.

Sam asks Maddie to marry him. Allan Arkush [52]. Sam is upset that Maddie has not given an answer to his proposal. She and David row about her relationships with the two men, and Sam and David brawl in a parking garage. Maddie ultimately decides that she is not ready for marriage, and returns home to tell Sam, and thinking the man lying in her bed with his head turned down is Sam, gives a statement about why she cannot marry him including stating she loves both him and David.

After the statement, the man turns over and it turns out to be David who tells Maddie that Sam has left for good. After an argument, they end up making love. Sam Weisman [53]. Kerry Ehrin [53]. Maddie and David both feel awkward after finally spending a night together. She wants them to make a pact that "last night never happened", but he refuses and ultimately they end up sleeping together again. They are also involved in the case of an heiress whose father disapproves of her boyfriend. When the father is apparently killed, both his daughter and her boyfriend claim to have committed the crime in an attempt to save the other.

Allan Arkush [54]. Glenn Gordon Caron [54]. After a month of sleeping with David, Maddie wonders where the relationship is heading.

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She fears that they do not actually have a relationship as all they do is sleep together. David attempts to woo her with a proper date but they end up arguing. She says they need to get out of each other's lives, and the episode ends with her catching an airplane.

This episode features three fantasy sequences, one in which Maddie receives relationship advice from Dr. Joyce Brothers , one in which David receives similar counselling from Ray Charles , and one in which the regulars take the roles of the leads in The Honeymooners. Allan Arkush [55]. Maddie arrives at her parents' house in Chicago, and they are immediately suspicious that she has turned up unannounced and cannot tell them how long she plans to stay. David is hired by a man John Goodman who wishes to locate a former one-night stand.

When he tracks her down she tells him she is on the run from her husband, a hitman. This episode features a fantasy sequence in which Maddie and David are depicted in claymation. Sam Weisman [56].

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  • Karen Hall [56]. Maddie has been gone for two weeks and David is waiting endlessly for a phone call from her. In her absence, he teams up with Herbert try to find a man who failed to show up for his wedding. His jilted bride's brother wants to pay him to go through with the wedding, but it transpires he was already married. The following day, the runaway groom is found dead, and Blue Moon's client is the chief suspect. David writes Maddie a letter which ends "this is all crap, I'm miserable and want you to come home.

    Allan Arkush [57]. Moonlighting was preempted by the third game of the World Series on October 20, Allan Arkush [58].

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    Agnes lets slip to Herbert that Maddie is pregnant. Despite promising not to let David know, Herbert tells him anyway. David races to the airport intent on booking a flight to Chicago, but finds himself tricked into swapping places with a convict on his way to prison. The guards refuse to believe that he is not the prisoner, and he ends up in solitary confinement. To be continued…. Allan Arkush [59]. David is still in prison and nobody knows where he is, including network executives, who begin auditioning a replacement.

    He uses a secret tunnel to reach a telephone and call Chicago, but only speaks to Maddie's mother. He discovers the illegal activities of a prison warder, who is about to kill him when a riot starts, allowing David to escape.

    The episode features a lengthy musical number performed by the prisoners in the style of "When I Was a Lad" from Gilbert and Sullivan 's H. Allan Arkush [60]. Kerry Ehrin [60]. David returns to Blue Moon to find repossession agents clearing out the furniture, and the staff about to walk out having not been paid. Maddie's father finds out about her pregnancy and goes to see David in Los Angeles to persuade him to "do the right thing". David points out that the baby might not be his, and they row about his apparent lack of responsibility.

    He catches up with Mr Hayes at the airport and gives an impassioned speech about how much he loves Maddie. Mr Hayes apologizes and loans him the money to buy new furniture. David returns to the office with the furniture and a book on preparing for fatherhood. Gerald Perry Finnerman [61].