The WOMB room

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Our people are dedicated to providing the support you need exactly when you need it.

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We offer yoga circles, wellness classes, open play, support groups, and community personal and professional enrichment events and so much more! We strive to promote strong relationships and make a positive impact in our Milwaukee, Wisconsin community.

Fit For You: The Womb Room

Read More. Open Play is an informal, unstructured time for you to take a load off, pour yourself a cup of something warm and JUST BE with other people.

The Womb Room

If you are lonely, come and play. Women need more spaces like this to speak openly about their reproductive health. Search our articles The Womb Room Research by the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence estimates that nearly every woman in the UK will suffer with some form of reproductive health problem during their lifetime.

In order to encourage a healthy workplace, organisations need to look beyond sickness absence rates alone and develop a solid, evidence-based understanding of the underlying causes of work-related stress and unhealthy behaviour like presenteeism. The Womb Room works in collaboration with organisations and educators to engage people in normalising reproductive well-being issues.

Supporting women to work in environments where they can truly be themselves through increased awareness and strategic support. We work with a team of expert practitioners from doctors and educators to HR professionals we can help bring transformative change to your life or your organisation whether you are an individual, a school or a FTSE business we have the knowledge and resources to support you to build a better future for the next generation.

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