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The Wall of the Crow « Ancient Egypt Research Associates

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This is a fairly easy way to run cables from one box location to the next. When the baseboards are reinstalled, the holes will be covered—no need for patching. This much different than how a home is wired during new construction, when horizontal cable runs are installed directly through studs from one location to the next. But when you are running wire in existing construction, the looping method prevents the expensive and time-consuming process of opening up walls and patching them after the wires are run.

When extending a circuit, for example, the electrician may run a vertical length of wire up to the attic or down into the basement, across to a spot directly above or below the new box location, then into that wall cavity to the new electrical box. For a DIYer doing this work, the most difficult part is figuring out a way to punch through the wall plates at the top and bottom of the wall in order to fish cable into the basement or attic.

With the cable routes and box locations planned, the next step is to cut the openings for the electrical boxes in the drywall. Start by marking the box locations on the walls. When installing in finished walls, electrical boxes should be located between studs, and to do this, you must find the location of the wall studs, using a stud finder. Once the studs are located, outline the position of the electrical boxes on the wall. Make sure the location of the new wall boxes is consistent with the location of other outlets in your house.

Outlets, for example, are typically between 12 and 18 inches above the floor. Cut out the box openings along the outline, using a drywall saw or jigsaw. It is important to make sure you are not cutting into existing electrical wires, plumbing pipes, or other mechanicals, so be careful as you start cutting to inspect what's inside the walls. The cutout should exactly fit the outline of the electrical box.

Once the hole is cut in the wall, insert a spade bit or auger bit into a flexible bit extension mounted in a drill, then insert the drill bit through the opening and center the extension in the stud cavity so the bit is pressed firmly against the floor or ceiling plate. Apply firm pressure as you drill through the plate and into the basement, crawlspace, or attic space.

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With any luck, the drill bit should penetrate into the open basement or attic space. Drill slowly, keeping in mind that there may be gas lines, plumbing pipes, electrical lines, or other dangers in the joist cavity into which you are drilling. Stop immediately when you feel the drill bit penetrate the wall plate.

Note : If you don't have a flexible drill shaft, you may be able to bore holes through the wall plate from the attic or basement space, by drilling up or down using a spade or auger bit. You will need to measure carefully, however, since the wall plate may not be visible through the sheathing on the floor or ceiling.

Gateway to the sacred?

Although it's rarely a problem in an accessible basement or attic, if your home is built over a crawlspace or has a low, narrow attic, it can be hard to find the hole you've drilled in the wall plate. Start by inserting a long wire through the hole you just drilled a disassembled wire coat hanger works well. How many networks can I be a part of? What is the difference between Internal network and external network?

How do I delete a network? How to create a Network in Zoho Connect? Can I upgrade, downgrade or cancel anytime? How do I change the language in Zoho Connect?

When I try to add a member to Zoho Connect, I get an error message saying, "Already a member of another internal network". What should I do? What is the difference between an Org admin and Network admin? Can I add my company's logo to Zoho Connect? Now you can go to your Zoho Connect network and refresh your browser once in order to view the changes. Under Dashboard, select Delete Organization.

Click on Delete and enter the password to confirm. How does company wall work in Zoho Connect? What is the difference between Network wall and My Feed? What is My feed in Zoho Connect? Groups How to create groups in Zoho Connect?